Best Practices

Thomas Hanning outlines how to use the new defer keyword in Swift in his blog post.

Essentially, the defer keyword executes its block before exiting the scope it is contained within. It’s a great tool to ensure you do any clean-up code required, even if an error is thrown.

It’s almost like a deinit() block for your own functions!

Check out his full post here:

My Apps

BB Links App Launch – Day 1

My first app, written 100% in Swift, is live!

Day 1 downloads were 4,135—way beyond what I was hoping to achieve! And 99.9% crash free, and the 2 crashes that did occur weren’t due to my app. #bugfree

I didn’t do any press releases or use any app marketing sites. Word just spread like wildfire through the Team Beachbody network about my app starting yesterday morning once I shared it with some coach friends. I had Beachbody Coaches emailing me, messaging me, commenting on my social media—all thanking me profusely for releasing this app and ultimately saving them time and frustration in the future! I saw a problem and ventured out to solve it. 🙂

It’s a niche app (for Beachbody Coaches to help run their businesses), but feel free to check it out to see how it works!



Best Practices, Resources

Little Bites of Cocoa is a blog I recently discovered that offers some truly great bite-sized snippets of knowledge via a newsletter. It’s a good way to keep on top of new best practices and bits of knowledge.

In the latest newsletter, a bunch of handy Swift tricks were featured, with my favourite being this one:

It’s helped me cut way down on the pyramid of doom! And what’s even better is you can even throw in a condition using the where keyword to the end of the chain. 😍 brilliance.

Check out the rest here: