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My First iOS App Is ‘Waiting for Review’!

I’m finally satisfied with a 1.0 version of my first iOS app, BB Links! I submitted it to the App Store for Apple’s approval a couple of weeks ago, but Apple had some questions that I had to answer after they had an initial look.  They’ve been sitting on it for 4 days now with my answers, so hopefully it goes into Review soon!

It was tough figuring out what I should and shouldn’t include in version 1.0. Try to do too much and it’ll never come out; do too little and its value isn’t immediately apparent. I’ve just got so many ideas floating around in my head for this app to help other Beachbody coaches find the information they need quickly and to take some stress off of them so they can focus on helping people get healthier! Win/Win!

I’ve been beta testing the app with a group of about 40 people (mostly Beachbody Coaches) and the response and enthusiasm about my app has been AMAZING. People love it and can’t wait for it to be released–that’s what this is all about: making software that helps people. I love it. I feel I’ve got the right launch features to make it immediately useful. 🙂

I’ve been toying with some new features and improvements for 1.1 as I wait for 1.0 to be approved. Problem solving is my forte so figuring out all of these little challenges in my app is fun and exciting!  I can’t wait to make this my career. 😀


Swift, and Only Swift

I’ve always wanted to get into iOS development, but always looked at Objective-C as an intimidating stepping stone. I first learned programming in Java; Objective-C looked very different so I knew it would be a big challenge to take on.

Once Apple announced its new Swift programming language, I got excited because it seemed much less daunting and had similarities to Java.

I’ve been learning Swift for about two months now and am loving every minute of it!  It’s a fantastic language with really great potential.  I plan to share some of the best code/tips I learn here. I’m all about doing things the right way and keeping my code concise and clean. 😀