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BB Links App Launch – Day 1

My first app, written 100% in Swift, is live!

Day 1 downloads were 4,135—way beyond what I was hoping to achieve! And 99.9% crash free, and the 2 crashes that did occur weren’t due to my app. #bugfree

I didn’t do any press releases or use any app marketing sites. Word just spread like wildfire through the Team Beachbody network about my app starting yesterday morning once I shared it with some coach friends. I had Beachbody Coaches emailing me, messaging me, commenting on my social media—all thanking me profusely for releasing this app and ultimately saving them time and frustration in the future! I saw a problem and ventured out to solve it. 🙂

It’s a niche app (for Beachbody Coaches to help run their businesses), but feel free to check it out to see how it works!




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