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BB Links for iOS and Android

BB Links (short for Beachbody Links) is an app for Beachbody coaches to easily run their coaching businesses on the go!

I launched the iOS app January 2016. Day 1 downloads of BB Links for iOS totalled 4.1K! 😁 It hit #7 in the References category in Canada and the U.S. It has a 4.9 star rating from 2.8K+ users! I launched the Android app in June 2018. Combined, BB Links now has over 120,000 downloads (as of November 2019). I’m blown away with how many use this app (~20K monthly active users).

I had the idea for the app well before I knew how to make iOS apps–it’s what drove me to learn app development! I designed/developed the app 100% solo. 🤓 The iOS app is coded in Swift and the Android app is built with React Native in TypeScript.

BB Links Screens

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