Best Practices

Using UIColor Better in Your App

An excellent post from Thoughtbot about how to make better use of Color in terms of design use (limiting your app to using 3 colours max), naming conventions (i.e. to base names on usage scenario instead of the actual colour, and use aliases), and programming techniques (how to use extensions and global functions with Colors). Some great ideas I’m going to use!

Tutorial Resources

Learning How To Use Carthage

I kept seeing references on github to CocoaPods and Carthage but had no clue how to use them or what they were for. 

Today I stumbled upon a tutorial on one of my favourite iOS/Swift tutorial sites that went through explaining the W5s behind Carthage! 

Tutorial Link: Getting Started with Carthage

I did the whole tutorial and now all is clear and I can start using Carthage in my projects where it may be useful. 😀 Sometimes all it takes is a structured learning environment to make something crystal clear in my head!

I also now see how Carthage can be better than CocoaPods so I think I’ll stick to using Carthage in the future.


Swift, and Only Swift

I’ve always wanted to get into iOS development, but always looked at Objective-C as an intimidating stepping stone. I first learned programming in Java; Objective-C looked very different so I knew it would be a big challenge to take on.

Once Apple announced its new Swift programming language, I got excited because it seemed much less daunting and had similarities to Java.

I’ve been learning Swift for about two months now and am loving every minute of it!  It’s a fantastic language with really great potential.  I plan to share some of the best code/tips I learn here. I’m all about doing things the right way and keeping my code concise and clean. 😀